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latest on the attack on that trail happening yesterday latest developments in a live report coming up fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. let's lookout side boy look at that haze out there on this tuesday morning. it is going to be a hoot one once gain today as we are geared up for even hotter temperatures later in the week. good morning i am steve. >> i am sarah in for alison seymour. we knew this was going to happen you can see the haze building in i think i feel it and see it in studio. >> yeah, most people can see it inside and out today. tony with a look at what we are dealing with we could see it when it was 80 degrees. >> absolutely it will get worse as the week progresses warm start to the day hazy conditions more heat on the way folks let's take a look at satellite radar. thunderstorm activity pretty intense thunderstorm activity
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moving through portions of west virginia, some friends out there, we do have viewers in west virginia getting rain and thunderstorm activity take the necessary precautions as it is coming through stay off your land line telephone, stay out of the shower until the lightning storm comes through you will be fine. >> let's lookout side, clouds coming through our region and more of the same blazing heat, heading east from the midwest where we have seen just record heat across many of the plain states and midwest today or right now 79 debs degrees relative humidity -- degrees, relative humidity, winds out of the south, 5 miles per hour forecast today partly sunny hazy, hot, humid, high mid-90s. 94 washington, 95 fredericks burg, frederick maryland, high of 95 degrees. that is a look at what is happening with the weather more coming up in a bit sarah back to you >> chef thanks. a traffic alert for you this morning the morning rush
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is turning into a traffic headache for route 29 commuters in silver springs. >> an accident overnight involving a police officer shut down colesville road both directions it happened just before midnight, sly goat creek parkway the officer responding to a car when the cruiser collided with another car both drivers taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >> how is the traffic looking? lauren demarco has details on that. >> good morning to both of you travelling inbound past the belt way we want to think about georgia avenue, university boulevard, they are working to reopen colesville road let's look from traffic land, you can see that as you travel this we have a lot of police activity southbound colesville road diverted on the outer loop of the belt way. so they will divert you around it again should reopen, so let you know as soon as that
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reopens. northbound, heavy and slow, duke street, off to the right shoulder, congestion as well across the 14th street bridge. heavy and slow inner street belt way, brad dock up toward 66 let's look from sky fox they are over a water main brake, north, east, 123, approaching nuttily street closed traffic being diverted, and follow the direction from crews at the scene sarah, steve back to you. thanks our big story, testimony in front of parliament on britain's phone hacking scandal in less than a half hour top london police official will testify. head of news corp. rupert murdoch is to appear wisdom. british prime minister ordered a special particle meantry session. >> yesterday, scotland yard's
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number two was forced to design this less than 20 hours after the commissioner himself stepped down. both claim their integrity is intact but staying on would be a distraction amidst intense media coverage of the role police media mail have played here and for hiring a news of the world editor now under arrest at a pr consultant. rebecca brooks who resigned as head of rupert murdoch's newspaper on sunday after she voluntarily went in for questioning. >> the position of rebecca brooks can be simply stated she is not guilty of any criminal offence. the position of the metropolitan police is less easy to understand. government remains politically tainted as well the prime minister david cameron on official business in africa
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again under pressure to explain why he hired former news of the world editor andy cole son as chief of communications he stepped down in january and arrested last week. >> no one has argued that the work he did in government in any way was inappropriate or bad. he worked well in government, he then left government. >> and journalist who first blew the whistle on the hacking scandal but they says the not suspicious he worked at news of the world under editor andy cole son and the communication chief arrested in the scandal. rupert murdoch and his son james as well as rebecca brooks are testifying in just over two hours. >> thank you in the meantime a high profile hacking group to blame for false reports rupert
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murdoch was found dead. the group claimed responsibility via twitter they are the same group behind previous attacks. today's questioning about the phone hacking scandal set to start later this morning. new this morning dc police investigating a homicide this happened just after 3:00 a.m. this morning in the 900 block randolph street northwest police found a man shot and unconscious when they arrived at the scene he has since died so far no word on a motive or suspect. security being stepped up as metropolitan branch trail. a rash of robberies and assaults on the trail since may the latest happened yesterday. live in northeast with our story sherry. >> reporter: steve and sarah guardian angels arrived here just over an hour ago they are
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out on the metropolitan branch trail warning people about recent crimes here at 8th and edge wood, northeast yesterday a man was held up at gun point a half dozen volunteers hit the trail this morning there have been a rash of crimes in the area including three robberies in less than 10 days yesterday a man on a bike noticed a young man standing on the trail and as he passed the suspect pulled out a gun taking the victim's wallet and two cell phones the same thing happened on friday, and on july 9th, two suspects attacked a man and woman on bikes on top of five incidents reported between may and june but now the crimes appear to be getting more violent. >> definitely need more security on the trail. when i say security i am talking about police officers, working cameras, and definitely some plain clothed police officers that are riding bicycles this way we can put a message out, if this guy come out and attack someone police
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will grab him detain him make an arrest and that will put a message and let people not to know to not come on the bike trail. police did make an arrest in some of the earlier incidents back in june and the crimes did stop temporarily but then spiked here in july the guardian angels say they will continue to patrol this trail twice a week in the mornings as well as late evenings when these crimes have occurred in addition they are going to do some random patrols, but with this bike trail going from union station all the way up to silver springs, they have a lot of ground to cover sarah and steve. >> sherry thank you very much. >> in the meantime a suspected serial killer in prince georges county convicted on unrelated charges, jason scott was found guilty of more than 50 robberies 9 armed home
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invasions and production of child pornography he faces a min numb of 97 years in prison and he is accused of killing a woman and her daughter in 20 09d. police have called him a person of interest in three other murders. search continues for a gunman who opened fire on a busy dc street martin luther king avenue just before noon yesterday some men were horsing around in front of a pizza place for some reason a suspect left, came back with a gun and shot the victim several times the victim is expected to survive. a look at this mornings other top stories deadline nearing as the dead debate continues, president obama threatening to veto a republican plan includes a balanced budget amendment, house speaker boehner calls that dispointing there is momentum around a senate back up plan, hairy reed wants the -- harry reed wants the senate to work until there is a deal.
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>> republicans are trying to persuade the president of the need for a course correction but weeks of negotiations are showing his commitment to big government is simply too great to lead to the kind of long term reforms we need. >> we are going to stay in session every day including saturday and sunday until congress compasses legislation. now with president obama threatening to veto to house bill the bipartisan plan may be the better option. vincente grey's campaign apparently accepted cash contributions above the city's legal limit. the city's limit for cash donations is $25 the post found several instances where grey's campaign donations exceeded that amount the cash was exchanged for money orders which carry a higher donation limit this comes as the u.s. attorneys office investigates claims made by brown that mayor
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grey promised him a job and money to speak out against then mayor. >> it has been a few months since the last race for mayor ended but the question about robo calls are heating up now. two operatives have pleaded not guilty of using those calls to discourage voters from going to the poll. this is something by then o'malley, just to punish people who disagree with what goes on in the democratic party. no law was violated find it nothing in that call was not true. trial date has been set september 22nd. >> all right time now is 7:11 a.m. as weather heats up metro springing into action what the transit agency planned to make sure your trip on the road is safe. >> surprise visitor northern virginia which community this
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black bear popped up in next. and as we head to break a live lookout side, we will get the latest weather coming up lauren in for julie and weather from tony. we will be right back 
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♪[ music ] astronauts aboard space shuttle atlantis woke up to cold play's don't panic the family of shuttle pilot doug hurly picked it out for him. atlantis undocked from the international space station today. they are due back thursday, their florida home coming will mark the end of nasa's 30 year
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shuttle era that answers my question last week we were going with the space themed songs the last couple days we got away from that i wondered if they get to make requests. >> we looked puzzled by that. >> seems anti climactic cold play is a big band they had big heavy weights and then cold play. >> i like cold play don't panic? >> well, i don't know the family said they wanted it they requested it. >> don't panic we know it is the end of the shuttle era don't panic i don't know i am making it up. >> hey, if you were up there and wanted to hear your justin bieber they would play it for you. >> that would be funny. >> it is not what i would ask for although never say never would be appropriate. is that the name of his song? >> tony. >> oh, i know baby, baby, baby
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oh, although i have a young son he tells me he hates justin bieber. >> probably because his dad knows too much about it. >> that is all true. happening current weather conditions your satellite radar just a radar as a matter of fact how did this get in there. precipitation off to the west some of that is thunderstorm activity believe it or not moving through west virginia. so, you know, we could see some of this move into western portions of virginia, we will keep our eyes on that through the course of the morning let's go to the graphics here is your national temperature map, 80 degrees dc back up to 80, 72 raleigh, 76 boston head out west temperatures 80s out there as well as they continue to see record heat parts of the plain states were well over 100 degrees up to 120 degrees in some locations warmer than that
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according to news reports right now we are warmer than miami, 79 miami. >> what? >> yes. >> my gosh >> but there is no beach here. 94 degrees your high, scattered thunderstorms later on tomorrow 93 and thursday, friday and saturday highs right around 100 degrees. >> oh, 102 i hasn't seen that one yet. >> yeah, we upped it by a degree. >> are those records? i will have to look and see. >> all right >> i think any time we get triple digits. >> we got to think. >> i would think so. >> lauren good morning. >> good morning yeah, we have an update on that situation on coalsville road we have been told it should reopen 7:00 a.m. now we are learning it won't be until 8 or 9:00 a.m. it will be some time before you are anal to access southbound, cole -- able to access
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southbound colesville road. top left of your screen, all those cars, diverted on to the belt way northbound close, because of the early arrest one of our coworkers brendan drove 29 in from howard county it wasn't too slow, too bad. inner look belt way, slow near robson terminal, springfield, 236, 95 heavy, off and on, 395 from the belt way, toward duke street where we had an earlier wreck which is clear inbound new york avenue slows, then after 9th street florida avenue and again 3rd street tunnel bw parkway, between the belt way and 410. lauren thank you we are monitoring metro the transit agency preparing for extreme heat as well. metro says hot weather can wreak havoc on the esculators
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air conditioning on the rail cars and rails themselves. >> that can mean for an uncomfortable ride for you they have a plan in place to make sure any issues are taken care of right away. >> metro has been trying to tackle the problem but still, it faces numerous esculator issues each day even more so when it gets hot outside. >> we always see that number creep up when the weather gets up, metal expands it has an effect on the machines. >> monday there were issues at foggy bottom metro although not heat related customers were feeling the heat as they waited to climb down this esculator out of service. >> quite annoying actually, because it is so warm. >> not fun end of the day. >> heat wave this week. it will be hell. >> metro is taking steps overtime has been approved for elevator and esculator crews to fan out across the system to rush to any problem.
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also, track inspectors will be deployed to make sure rails are safe for travel. >> looking out for heat kinks doing that over the week any time temperature is above 90 degrees. >> metro wants riders to comfortable during travels maintenance crews have been focussing on hot cars, rail cars with air conditioning problems. >> we would consider a hot car a health issue we want to take them out of service we have strategically deployed car maintenance techs around the system. now there was an issue at the brand new bog foggy bottommest can you -- foggy bottom esculator yesterday. >> it was a safety switch went off and the esculator shut down as it was supposed to. crews got it back on. >> largo town center garage along metro's blue line may be more did i have result soon the transit agency said starting tomorrow 300 to have 2200 spaces will be inaccessible because of a construction project that is set to last
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through the end of this year. metro says riders should try nearby garages for parking space if needed. >> as always you can help us monitor metro if you spot a safety concern trouble on the tracks or problem with a bus e- mail us at fox 5 metro a close encounter with a bear, spotted sunday morning, eating from the a bird feeder. photos and cell phone video were taken from her deck outside her kitchen she called animal control who said it is not unusual to see them coming out to have woods this time of year. >> the best thing you can do is not be alarmed and remember they will continue to move on through the area they are looking for food. >> authorities say you can help keep them from coming into your neighbourhood not leaving loose trash outside and bird feeders
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filled with feed. quite a sight to see. >> sure is 7:22 a.m., secretary of state hillary clinton speaking out on the relationship between jane and pakistan. >> safety changes -- between india and pakistan safety changes could be coming. >> show casing locally grown food, doesn't it look good holly morris live at stow any brook farm hillsborough virginia where she is learning about the upcoming event farm to fork louden we will check with her coming up fox 5 morning news stay with us 
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hillary clinton in india today she says the united states is encouraged by talks between india and pakistan the nuclear arm rivals fought three wars in the last st.ry peace negotiations were -- century, peace negotiations were cut off
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after the mumbai attacks. regulatory commission getting its first briefing from japan's task force head of nrc wants them to decide on safety changes within three months the task force is advising all u.s. nuclear plants to re-evaluate risks from a major earthquake and devastating floods. ousted from the agriculture department one year ago today after a video showed her supposedly making racist remarks the district court will hold their first hearing in her defamation case. all right now 7:27 a.m. british hacking scandal takes center stage today with testimony before parliament, coming up we will sit down with a professor and director for center of media and public affairs at george mason university to discuss the latest on the scandal. >> first a lookout side this morning, we will look at traffic out there on the belt way, they are not far from national harbour.
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the latest weather and traffic coming up with tony and lauren after the break 7:27 a.m. 
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for the second time in two weeks there was another dust
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storm in arizona. the wall of dust also noon as a haboob hit phoenix it towered 3,000 feet and winds gusted up to 40 miles per hour many in the area were still cleaning up following a giant dust storm back on july 5th weather officials say haboobs only happen in arizona, sahara desert and parts of the middle east. >> hmm funny it is one of these things i don't remember talking about this before suddenly we are seen it twice in the last couple weeks. >> we have talked about them before they happen you know, i haven't looked it up seems we get them once a year but to have two haboobs in a couple weeks [ laughter ] >> pretty rare. >> yes, it is. [ laughter ] >> you are rare as well. um, so i kind of feel like ask the weather guy. >> it is like friday
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>> it doesn't have anything to do with the heat. >> i don't know. i don't know anything about them. >> can you do weather? can you handle that? >> i am trying. >> we like the fact that you entertain yourself at least. >> i don't know what is happening let's look at what is going on we will start with radar. we see precipitation moving through the west, west virginia, they are getting thunder storm activity right now you can see it right there some of this will be moving through portions of virginia, a little later on this morning, but i don't think it will impact the washington area i think it will be okay but off to the west, rain move through as we speak we will continue to watch this this morning. now let's look at temperatures out of the region a warm start to the day 80 degrees here in washington 80 annapolis, 79 baltimore quantico, dulles, 76 degrees at this hour want to show you the future cast this
7:33 am
will give us an idea what we will see later on today, rain here in washington we know it is wrong on that front but we know we will continue to watch it showers and thunderstorms popping up later today we know that is is possibility officially a slight risk for severe weather, later on maybe during the overnight hours, a couple things popping up here and there for the most part, partly sunny hot and humid afternoon scattered thunderstorms, 94 your high tonight once again overnight lows 70s, 78 degrees. clearing we believe overnight 5 day forecast tomorrow, more of the same mostly sunny 93, and then thursday, friday, saturday highs around 100 steve was wondering might we set new records it is unlikely that we will set new records at regan national maybe flirt with a record saturday they are actually high, 104, 103 degrees at dulles we might set or tie records on friday and saturday,
7:34 am
their record highs are lower upper 90s. >> all right that is a look what is happening with the weather now let's find out what is happening with traffic. lauren. >> tony i think the giggles may have something to do with that heat you said we would get crazy as we head into the week. >> i think so. >> alison seymour is ontario even here she is -- not even here she is usually the giggler. 141 nuttily street water main break be careful heading through that stretch. >> let's look at 29 colesville road as you head southbound remains shut down in both directions, between the belt way and the parkway everyone diverted on to the outer loop if you are travelling 29 blocked because of an accident involving a police vehicle happened around midnight not expected to be reopened until around 8 or 9:00 a.m. this morning for some time there are delays new hampshire
7:35 am
avenue travelling out on the outer loop you can access that and quickly diverted, northbound traffic again diverted at the parkway a live look from traffic land see what else is going on travel the belt way heavy and slow on the outer loop montgomery, college park, 95 northbound delays through springfield, 395 heavy up toward duke street and the 14th street bridge that is a check of fox 5 on time traffic. >> aclu getting involved in the legal fight between the red skins owner and the american city paper. according to a new dc law schneider must prove quickly the city paper knowingly published false and harmful information about schneider or his lawsuit will be dismissed schneider filed a defamation suit against the paper for a november 2010 story about him the paper said an article was clearly within free speech protections.
7:36 am
well, the fall out from britain's phone hacking scandal continues to grow this morning news corp. chief rupert murdoch is set to appear before parliament, two other big names under scrutiny will be by his side dr. lictor professor at george mason joins us. now i know that we are talking about his son james will be there as well, rebecca brooks uk former newspaper chief, what do you expect to hear from parliament today? >> they want answers why a powerful news organization could spy on thousands of people from the highest to the lowest and folks at the top, either didn't know anything or knew about it and didn't care. so murdochs are now in a difficult position they have to show they are really sorry for what happened although heads are lolling at the -- rolling at the highest levels they have to show some how they didn't
7:37 am
know this was going on and they are going to put a quick stop to it. >> now how difficult is that going to be when you see like you said all the heads that have rolled, i mean he at least and james murdoch they need to show that this is not a media empire wide thing. >> well, and especially for the united states wall street journal already complaining about guilt by association, they are a murdoch owned property now a lot of people have lost a lot of money betting against rupert murdoch in a crisis you have a wounded lion cornered gentleman calls are nipping at his -- jackles are nipping at his heals, he has always ended up pulling a rabbit out of a hat. he has managed to show contrition now he has to show in person he really feels that way he really is going to make changes and convince a skeptical parliament about it. >> now news corp. has come out and said they are
7:38 am
in full support of rupert murdoch and that he will keep his position if the scandal does grow if it continues to have legs and move can he retain his position? >> the only thing that will knock him out is not parliament, police enquiry it is the market they would have to dive so sharply the investors would have to question it. now as you mentioned earl yes we have -- earlier we have seen high profile people have stepped down the second in charge of scotland yard stepping down yesterday these are live pictures we are taking right now of the questioning going on in parliament, from what we understand this is former chief, not there but what we showed a minute ago paul stevenson questioned, they have stepped down also as you mention the publisher of the wall street journal who used to over see the uk newspaper division what does it say when
7:39 am
we see so many high profile people stepping down and quickly. carl bernstein said this is like water gate i would say in reverse with a powerful news organization accused of breaking the law and pubic interest but it is water gate on steroids amazing how fast this moved right to the top i have never seen anything like this. it is hard of a comparison, a news organization this level, top executives brought low this quickly it is at the top we are watching the dana mah of the great media scandal of our era. >> what does this indicate to you? do you think this is good for news corporations that these people are stepping down so quickly that if there was something going on, obviously it is alleged right now they are being questioned about it but if these people are stepping down that is a good indication that the company could still survive and move on
7:40 am
and prosper? >> like amputating a limb it hurts now you need it to stop the bleeding, but i think what is happening right now is everybody up to the top has to go for the corporation to survive you want to avoid that steady daily drip drip drip of new charges new revelations get it all out now in the long run that is the best way to survive. >> all right, professor of communications george mason university thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> 7:40 a.m. tuesday morning when it comes to the nations debt crisis both sides seem very far apart this is the deadline to come up with a plan two weeks away at 8:00 a.m. this morning we will talk with a writer from roll call what is the endless battle over federal debt. stay with us 
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looks like charlie sheen is still winning planning a return to television with a new sitcom
7:44 am
called anger management based on the 2003 movie, of the same name starring adam sander will, lions gate tv producing the series,. glee star, this one, mathew morrison hitting the big screen, of course he plays mr. schuster added to the screen adaptation, what to expect when you are expecting. superman is flying solo, according to tmz he is ditching his long time love lewis lane >> it has been away. >> yeah. >> he will be a bachelor when dr comics relaunches its entire super hero line in december. he is changing up his costume he will sport a t-shirt, jeans and a cape? >> okay. >> nothing says super hero like jeans and a cape. >> the man of steel will face a new villain as well. >> maybe they want him to
7:45 am
appeal to the normal hero. >> it is not going to work. >> especially since he will be in his 70s. >> they are relaunching him he will be younger. >> a younger single superman out there wearing jeans and a cape. >> not going to work. >> have fun. >> the other story so they are making a movie out of the book what to expect when you are expecting? >> mm-hmm. >> the self-help boom for women when that -- book for women when they are pregnant. >> another original idea from hollywood. >> that is bizarre they are running out of ideas. >> maybe spider man will come out in bermuda shorts. >> could be. wonder if he still wears a mask. >> all right. >> it is declining again. >> it was pretty silly. look at the radar a couple showers popping out to the west now didn't i say earlier some
7:46 am
of our western view owers, lees -- viewers, lees burg, showing precipitation and a blip to the north of bellsville you can see that there we have somethings happening we will keep our eyes on that through the course of the morning what is next take a look at the next graphic, satellite radar the big picture you can see we have had areas of heavy rain and thunderstorm activity western portions not just western portions across northwest earn west virginia into western virginia now, western maryland seeing some of that activity as well. temperatures across the region, 70s highs of 94 degrees, scattered thunderstorms possible, 93 tomorrow thursday, friday saturday, temperatures 100 degrees. that is a look at what is happening with weather now more -- sorry your turn. >> now a look at this mornings rush hour traffic here is
7:47 am
lauren demarco. >> well done. >> you are just getting silly in here. >> it is the heat. >> listen if you are travelling metro on the red line a malfunction rockville station we have delays heading towards shady grove give yourself extra time there. travelling third street tunnel, northbound after the ramps, we have a wreck right lane blocked stay left. live look at your traffic lens cameras, incident we have been following travelling southbound, coleville road diverted on to the outer loop of the belt way northbound coleville, that is because of a long standing accident happened around midnight involve add police cruiser, so sort of involved there accident investigation it will hopefully reopen 8 or 9:00 a.m. and we will keep you updated. now to traffic land if you are travelling 270, south, we have delays heading past hyatts town and a new accident reported 370, that is on the left shoulder so your lanes should not be impacted.
7:48 am
66 is heavy and slow, leaving nuttily street all the way in towards the belt way delays headed out of monassis. >> all right lauren thank you we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day today, amy mays, and she wants you to know she got married july 1st, and says the best wedding gift would be being named fan of the day. so there you go. congratulations amy and to your new husband as well. >> if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook. there is no space between fox and number 5 and post a comment under amy's photo. >> new event that kicks off in two days featuring local and fresh food. >> holly morris live at stow any brook farm hillsborough virginia getting a peek what is featured there holly. >> let me tell you what is being featured this bountiful harvest take a look at this doesn't it look wonderful all of this is grown here at stow
7:49 am
any brook farm where we are live all of it certified organic all featured in a new event called food to fork louden what it is, why it is so important and how you can get a reservation all live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us t fll1-
7:50 am
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7:52 a.m. holly learning about the importance of eating local products. >> she is at stoney brook farm nothing is better than a tomato grown on the farm. >> it is anywhere vanna when you get something like that -- nirvana when you get something like that. these movements like farm to fork in louden county are
7:53 am
leading the way i said food to fork earlier but it is farm to fork all about food and all about food for 11 days this is a labor of love for you. >> it has holly what i love is the amazing collaboration between the farmers, chef and wineries they are wonderful folks in louden county such as kevin malone and beverly morton billings who have done this for several years now but this was bringing more chefs together with more farmerthe art of culinary collaboration we can't wait for it to kick off this thursday for 11 days. >> you were saying, it seems so obvious all these farms have been here and restaurants but it has taken awhile for them to come together in this celebration but really wasn't a hard sell. >> it wasn't a hard sell it did take time you know i found from the chefs who said i always wanted to do this but just didn't have the time or know where to begin and the farmer saying i always wanted to meet
7:54 am
more chefs but just didn't have time so what my team does. >> then miriam the catalyst. >> so how can people take advantage of it? >> it kicks off thursday 21 restaurants throughout county can go for lunch or dinner and just support the local farmers they have each developed a farm to fork louden menu 70% locally sourced. >> that is a lot. >> that was the mandate they had to follow go to our website there is a link that says participants click culinary you will see all the restaurants involved and make your resser visions and come out and have a -- reservations and come out and have a good time. >> it is only happening because of wonderful farms like stow any brook, where i happened to find lou here in the field good morning. >> good morning. >> obviously you thought this was a good idea you were like about time come on show case us. >> we are really happy about the farm to fork initiative connecting farm to restaurants we have had amazing interest in
7:55 am
our farm from chefs all over the place. >> i think one of the reasons maybe people don't always buy local they don't know what is available right here let's talk about what is available here at your farm. >> yeah, we got yukon gold new potatoes certified organic we dug last week fresh lettuce summer crisp variety, developed in france able to handle summer heat and not get bitter. >> that should do great this week then. >> yes. >> we got kale, organic kale, carrots, and our tomatos are just starting to come in. >> when you go to the farmers market there is always so many options when you see you know it sitting there in bulk how do you know what to pick what is good what is going to last fresh at home. >> well, we pick all our stuff really fresh every day, so pretty much everything we hope is good for people to get. >> okay in theory i know we hope everything is good but i am not going to buy the whole
7:56 am
thing of potatoes how do i pick out five that i know are really going to be good? >> um, i like the smaller ones they are most tender but they are all delicious. >> small ones are tender lettuce? >> just all delicious all very delicious it is hard in the summer to keep it from turning bitter because of the heat it goes to seed but this variety, stays tender for a lot longer. >> what about these tomatos they are bursting with color and look so scrumptious. >> yeah, these tomatos are certified organic. >> but like is there anything wrong with that? should i be worried about that? go for one all red. >> no, they are all delicious one thing about organic produce a lot of people don't realize minerals from the healthy soil are absorbed into the tomatos so you get better flavour your body is able to absorb more nutrients. >> good, our website we have a link to farm
7:57 am
to fork it starts on thursday here in louden county runs 11 days best thing to do go to the website see participating restaurants and know where you are going to enjoy something local if you are good sarah maybe i will bring you back one of these beautiful tomatos. >> i will be your best friend ever those look so good thanks holly. >> speaking of friends we mentioned this yesterday an old friend spotted back in the chesapeake, this is the manatee chessy has been gone for years but appeared yesterday in call vert county. >> we will talk about the travelling manatee. we will be right back 
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media mogul rupert murdoch expected to appear in britain. he will be grilled about the phone hacking scandal involving news of the world but he is having a tough time getting to parliament. >> security stepped up after another attack on a popular biking and hiking trail what is being done to keep people safe.
8:01 am
>> if you lived in washington area for awhile chances are you know chessy the manatee. he has been spotted again in the chesapeake we will talk with a wildlife biologist who has been tracking his moves thanks for being with us i am steve. >> i am sarah simmons in for alison seymour a dangerous heat wave gripping much of the midwest and it is not going away any time soon. heat index easily surpassed 100 degrees in places including 126 in newton iowa. as many as 13 deaths in the past week could be blamed on extreme heat. >> high temps triple digits headed this way later this week to keep sanitary workers safe district of columbia will start trash pick up one hour earlier make sure your cans are on the curb early put them out 6:00 p.m. the night before your scheduled pick up day. >> prince georges county isopening up several cooling
8:02 am
centers,. pepco asking customers to conserve energy extreme heat can put a lot of stress on e electrical equipment but power supply should be able to meet the high demand set your thermostat at 78 use an e will be trick fan turn off none tenner deelectric fan, turn off nonessential appliances and don't use some appliances until evening hours. >> overtime approved for elevator and esculator crews on metro to fan out and rush to any problem plus maintenance crews are focusing on hot cartrack inspectors will be deployed to make sure rails are safe. >> how hot will it get? for that we have tony. >> today mid-90s that is not too bad we have had plenty of that so far during the course of the summer later on in the week 100 degrees or more for a few days straight so that is what we have to deal with end of the week but today, mid-90s, let me take a look satellite
8:03 am
radar we are dealing with rain and thunderstorm activity this morning we have been watching all morning long moving across portions of west virginia, western portions of virginia, thunderstorm activity, rainfall a lot of activity west virginia, very active weather system tracking south this will pass west of washington to points west and southwest of washington dc however, spotted on hd radar shower activity just inside the belt way to our east, near new carrolton east of college park, shower activity developed just to the east of the district right around and inside the belt way. >> current temperatures around the region, 80 degrees now washington, 79 baltimore, 76 dulles, naval air station, 77 degrees forecast today hot and humid chance of afternoon thunderstorms, evening as well could be strong to severe look
8:04 am
for a high in town of around 94 degrees more on the weather coming up in a bit. >> thank you. see if things are heating up on the roadways checking with lauren. it is a tough morning for commuters, 29 and silver spring, coleville road at the creek parkway shut down since midnight, an officer was responding to a call at the time when he collided with another car. both drivers were taken to hospital. head out there take a live look at 29, as you head southbound toward the belt way diverted toward the outer loop top left of your screen heading to the outer loop there, if you are travelling northbound you will be diverted on to the parkway. now southbound 29 heavy approaching the belt way we have another accident at lock wood drive activity to the right of the screen looks like hopefully that may have cleared out we are still dealing with
8:05 am
heavy and slow traffic to get past all of this southbound 29 approaching silver spring. not sure what they are turning around here in the camera, but we were dealing with some delays on 395, as you head from the pentagon across the 14th street bridge we will have to get back to that other incident, a wreck 270 at 370, northbound 395 does slow from the pentagon across the 14th street bridge let's look at video from sky fox 123 approaching nuttily street heavy from sutton road because of repairs from a water main follow crews there. >> also want to mention metro red line a malfunction at rockville station delays towards shady grove that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you our top story this morning another robbery and assault on the metropolitan branch trail prompted guardian
8:06 am
angels to patrol the path they started two hours ago, fox 5s sherry lee has new details for -- sherry ly has new details for us. good morning sherry. >> good morning sarah. we have had three robberies in less than 10 days here along the metropolitan branch trail right now you can see the guardian angels still out here in full force they will be here until 9:00 a.m. this morning, at 8th and edgewood northeast where yesterday a biker was held up at gun point a half dozen guardian angels are patrolling the trail on bikes until 9 there were five incidents on the trail between may and june an arrest was made but then the crimes spiked again this month yesterday morning a cyclist noticed a man standing on the trail as he passed by the suspect robbed him at gun point he got the victims wallet and two cell phones the same thing happened friday when the suspect asked someone for the time and pulled out a gun. in another case july 9th suspect struck a man, the trail
8:07 am
can be isolated, and some who use it say a haven for crime. >> the first time i am riding my bike i see people out here there is a lot of awareness and i think, people in the community are looking out for each other. >> it is isolated in some areas you don't know what is coming at you especially a lot of the weedgrass and it is not well kept up like it should and cleaned up. i guess the police could do a better job coming out here. users say the main problem area has been between union station and entrance right here at 8th and edge wood, the guardian angels now already patrol this area, twice a week, early in the mornings as well as late in the evenings when these crimes have been happening, they now plan to do random patrols as well in the mornings so suspects won't know when or where they are.
8:08 am
that is the latest here on the northeast back to you. >> all right thank you. another big story we are following this morning comes from britain's parliament where the phone hacking scandal is on top of the agenda today. >> a live look right now testimony from former scotland yard police chiefs. around 9:30 a.m., our time, the head of news corp. is expected to testify in front of the particle meantry panel had a problem this morning -- particle meantry panel, had a problem this morning his car was mobbed as he tried to arrive. that car drove off. rebecca brooks in that video and his son james expected to testify today. british lawmakers expected to drill them on the phone tapping scandal that forced the closure of news of the world newspaper. >> testimony comes one day after the reporter who blew the whistle on the hacking was found dead his death is not suspicious police say he worked at the newspaper under andy cole son the prime minister's
8:09 am
communication chief who was arrested in the scandal we should mention news corp. owns fox 5. more bad pr for dc mayor grey, the washington post reporting grey campaign accepted cash contributions above the city's $25 limit and improperly exchanged that for money orders which carry a higher donation limit. they reported the money donations but not -- the money order donations but not the cash some recorded donations from people who maintain they didn't contribute to his 2010 mayoral run. prince georges county councilmember leslie johnson expected to attend final regular session today, the council called for her to step down after admitting in federal court to destroying a $100,000 check from a developer to her husband and trying to hide nearly $80,000 in cash from the fbi. johnson faces up to a year and a half in prison she is set to resign by the end of the month.
8:10 am
>> months since the last race for governor of maryland ended controversy over thousands of robo calls made on election day is heating up. two political operatives for the former maryland governor have pled not guilty for using those calls to discourage voters from going to the polls they appeared in court yesterday. this is something by o'malley, to punish people who disagree with what goes on in democratic party. no law was violated find it nothing in that call was not true. >> a trial date for them has been set for september, 22nd. 10 minutes past the hour, there will be a vote on the cup, cap and balance plan to avoid a default on the country's loan but it is not expected to go far. tony back with another look at the forecast for you including more hazy, hot and humid weather of course it is
8:11 am
summer time expect it. stay with us fox 5 morning news will be right back ♪
8:12 am
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8:14 am
stories making headlines al qaeda's new leader, shifting the terror network's focus to outside the u.s. plots overseas are easier to carry out the u.s. may have to re-evaluate counter terrorism operations. >> dc police investigating a deadly shooting after 3:00 a.m. this morning, 900 block randolph street northwest. a man was found unconscious he has since died no word on a motive or suspect. >> aclu fired a brief arguing red skins owner schneider must prove quickly washington city paper knowingly published false and harmful information about him or his lawsuit will be dismissed he filed a suit over a story last november he said
8:15 am
it is within free speech protection. african american civil war museum open in a new larger location vermont avenue it has more than $5 million in exhibits including rifles, military documents, and litters from soldiers -- letters from soldiers, more than 200,000 black soldiers fought in the civil war. wow. something to be interesting to see especially since it is hot out. go inside take a look. >> great idea. >> i think so. you know what isn't it time to cool things down now? >> you would think so i think you will have to go indoors. >> but we will find help from tony perkens. >> cool down factor. >> cool things down for us. >> yep, cool down factor of the day my first photo let's look at amaya she is doing the right thing, she is doing the right thing. >> she matches too. >> i love her attitude. >> her flip flops. >> grown up flip flops. >> so cute. >> very very cute she looks
8:16 am
adorable, taking it all in enjoying time at the pool who would not enjoy time at the pool this week amaya you are absolutely gorgeous. thank you for sending the photo in if you want to send us your child's picture go to click on mornings, let's take a look at hd radar, mention shower activity largo, you are getting showers right now, that is about it though, no place else, but no place else on this map, largo seeing shower activity some showers, moving south ward during the last few minutes, let's go to sentinel radar you can see that as we put the beam on, out to our west, considerable areas of rain and heavy rain and we have seen a lot of thunder and -- we have seen a lot of lightning with this system now moving through eastern portions of west virginia, western portions of virginia, we will continue to watch that during the next
8:17 am
few hours current temperature 82 degrees warm across much of the nation, las vegas, 90 degrees right now you know that will be a warm day when you know it is 90, 75 wichita, 85 st. louis, 77 new orleans, excessive heat is pushing into our region slowly but surely high, 94 degrees, scattered thunderstorms possible tomorrow 93, pardon me, thursday, friday and saturday highs around 100 degrees near record temperatures, i don't expect to see new records set but near record temperatures for the close out of the week that is a look at what is happening with weather now more on this mornings rush hour traffic for that to lauren. >> well, hello tony we have a new incident to report northwest dc l street 12th and 13th street, report of a sinkhole. cameras as you head southbound, 29, coleville road delays before new hampshire
8:18 am
avenue, you will be diverted on to the belt way, everybody forced to head on to 495, because of the wreck we have been dealing with, just before midnight between the belt way, northbound you will be diverted, some time before that reopens we will let you know when that happens another wreck within the delayoff to the side of the roadway. >> let's head out to traffic land, southbound 270, what we are looking at, 370, where we did have a wreck, not causing too much of a delay maybe off on the break, german town but then as you head down toward rockville you are up to speed here a serious wreck eastbound 66, gallows road, overpass, this is prior to the belt way everybody getting by single file to the left, delays nutly street, southeast, southwest freeway, ramp to the 3rd street tunnel blocked right lane
8:19 am
blocked, stay to the left. >> also, delays on the belt way inner loop heavy and slow, springfield heading up toward 66 if you are travelling northbound 123 approaching nutly street right side of the roadblocked with water main repairs, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you president obama says republican plan to cut, cap and balance the federal budget is more political games man ship and he will veto it if it passes the latest volley in a long battle over the debt. steven dennis a writer with roll call, good to see you once again. latest key, cut cap and balance will this work? >> no. basically the next two weeks are about political posturing and covering you know providing themselves maximum political cover for that final vote before the august 2 deadline to raise the debt ceiling, this plan is sort of cooked up by
8:20 am
the republican leadership to give their base at least something to say they were for you know it requires things never going to happen in the senate things like a balanced budget amendment to the constitution requires 67 votes they will not get that they may get to vote on that but not going to get it. it requires huge cuts, 5 .8 trillion dollars that will never pass the senate either this is a way for republican leaders to say here is our position. but they are having a hard time getting the votes among republicans for this plan so many republicans have said they won't vote for a debt limit increase no matter what. so, it will be an interesting vote today because of that question, but the real plan the real deal, you know, seems to be emerging over in the senate where harry reed, top two leaders are sort of trying to negotiate a plan to maximize political cover and still raise
8:21 am
the debt ceiling. >> is that the deal we could ultimately see what they are trying to work on now? >> yeah, i was told yesterday by some aids that they have put that plan on ice for a couple days to let house republicans have their show today, maybe let senate republicans have a similar show they get to vote what they want to vote for in a new days we will probably see that plan come to the senate floor and that plan basically pairs the debt limit increase. >> reed mcconnell plan. >> pairs a debt limit increase with you know, another classic washington dodge kicking it to a committee you know, having a deficit committee that would take a look at the situation and propose a plan some time the next 3 to 6 months for floor votes you know that is something that has been kicked around washington for awhile and they are talking about adding 1.5 trillion in upfront spending costs, that is a miniplan, and there may be
8:22 am
other things added to it the way washington tends to work, when things you know can't pass they start adding more things it looks like a christmas tree. >> when we talk about what you were mentioning with what harry reed and mitch mcconnell are working on now, if that passes the senate, is the president going to be okay with that? >> well, the president is basically going to be onboard with the mcconnell plan if that is the only thing that can get to his desk. you know the real question all along has been the house republicans, it is clear you can't pass a debt limit increase, with republicans alone you will need democrats to vote if house and that is where you sort of get into this tricky zone where if the cuts are 1.5 thrill i don't know that might not -- trillion that might not be enough if you make it more than that you might lose democrats, a lot of people on capitol hill are worried the first vote the house takes
8:23 am
might go down like the first vote on tarp went down and the market tanked so people are saying we need to make sure that first vote is not august 2nd. you can have a fall back plan you can regroup and still not default on the debt i mean, august 2nd deadline looks pretty darn real washington post had a really good graphic, august 3rd, government takes in 12 billion, spends 32 no plan to not spend that means things like social security payments get delayed things like you know, everybody here who has a job is not going to get paid. >> a firm deadline. >> really bad things start happening and s&p and moody's warning about default warning about even if they do raise the debt ceiling they are going to down grade our debt unless we have a bigger deal that is giving momentum to maybe we
8:24 am
have a two step process moderate cuts now bigger cuts later so we don't have a double a bond rating or something worse. >> and a lot of action behind the scenes, steven dennis appreciate the incite from roll call. >> another shuttle wake up with fun music this morning we will have that for you when we come back our next half hour farm to fork event show casing louden family farms and through louden county restaurants stay with us we will be right back everyone [ man ] did we get anything good?
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fiber one.
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♪[ music ] the song is don't panic. cold play that woke up the space shuttle atlantis crew this morning. astronauts undocked from the international space station for the last time they left behind a year's worth of supplies at the space station. shuttle and crew of four land thursday morning in florida. it marks the end of the nasa shuttle missions. >> one maryland man will get a chance to watch the shuttle
8:28 am
land in person. >> because of his love for twitter, he is an army reservist and it contractor he is among the 50 people randomly chosen by nasa to tweet from a front show seat. if you would like to follow him on twitter visit our website what an honor. >> mm-hmm. >> great. >> we will make sure and get on find his twitter handle. 8:28 a.m. still a bigamistry some theories about where casey anthony could be hiding this morning. >> we will take a closer look when we come back plus hazy, hot, humid weather continues, it is only getting worse as the week goes on we will get another check on the forecast when we return. fox 5 morning news stay with us  tag, you're it!
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amazing video of a dust storm in arizona. just like what we saw a couple weeks ago enveloping the city of phoenix. the dust wall known as a haboob hit yesterday. haboobs only happen in arizona, sahara desert and parts of the middle east because of dry conditionlarge amount of sand. now as i was trying to ask tony earlier, the dust i mean is this because it has been so hot and hot out there too? tucker is that right? >> well, it is hot but dry. arizona is very dry, they haven't had a whole lot of rain past 6 months to a year. >> are they as hot as the midwest? >> more extreme. >> even hotter they are talking about minnesota. >> you have to remember the southwest is known for its heat and dry. >> phoenix is different at 110
8:33 am
than iowa. >> exactly. >> so, that is not one weather itment we have to worry -- element we have to worry about here. >> no dust storms. >> temperatures you got that right, only going up from here and washington humidity too. >> i know. >> a little added pleasure there for you. a look at current conditions temperatures not cooling off overnight. overnight lows, generally 70s. blazing heat headed east, that is your big headline. temperatures in some big citys in excess of 100 degrees, mix in humidity 110 plus and it is unfortunate that is heading our direction. long lasting heat here. temperatures will quickly be back in the low 90s.
8:34 am
83 annapolis. frederick, 70s west monassis. cull pepper degrees. >> satellite radar, thunderstorms moving to our west. might be a sprinkle or light shower this morning, a frontal system really a weak trough possibility of more scattered showers and thunderstorms bring an umbrella this is the best chance in the next week or so of seeing rain once this falls apart then the heat starts to move in and it will be off and running starting late in the day tomorrow and here i will show you it to you. overnight lows 78, little break tomorrow 93 but then thursday, friday and saturday, near 100 and see if we don't flirt with records by the end of the week. >> that is the forecast sarah, i will toss it to you. >> thank you. suspected serial killer in prince georges county has been convicted on unrelated charges.
8:35 am
federal jury found jason scott guilty of more than 50 robberies, 9 armed home invasions and production of child pornography he faces a mandatory min numb of 97 years federal prison he is accused of killing delores and her daughter ebony in 2009 that is scheduled -- that trial is scheduled to begin in november. casey anthony might be trying to put her murder trial behind her, we are hearing rumors, it is anybody's guess but does appear she got on a plane and got out of florida. more from kristen wright now >> casey anthony walked out the front door of orange county jail she didn't slip out a secret back way in disguise but she is doing that now. where do you go when you could be the most hated woman in america? prescott arizona? that is the latest theory. there are reports that her
8:36 am
plane stopped by in prescott early sunday morning, no one with the city of prescott can confirm or deny casey anthony or any member of her legal staff was there. >> rumors she has found refuge in the small town are flying, people in prescott are not thrilled >> i think it is insane i hope she wouldn't be up here. >> well, she is free now it doesn't matter what your opinion is of her but i think that is scary >> they do not want casey anthony in prescott a couple people flat out told me where she could go and it wasn't prescott. >> there is strong suspicion casey boarded a plane orlando's executive airport in the dark of the night after her release but even her parents george and cindy anthony say they are clueless as to where their daughter could be. >> hope she had a safe trip other than that we have no idea where she is at, who she is staying with. how she is paying for it. nothing.
8:37 am
>> rumors include columbus ohio where she was born and anthony's lived during a very different time for their family. >> she is free no reason she can't pick up the phone and call no reason mr. baez can't pick up the phone and call. kristin wright reporting only a few people know where she is. one lawyer said an elaborate plan was made to protect her from the lynch mob mentality. >> signs the nfl labor dispute could be over. an amazing story of survival involving skydiving and an iphone. our region will honor history, 150 years since the battle of monassis the first major fight of the civil war on thursday we will take our show on the road to monassis for an in depth look. fox 5 morning news will be right back everyone [ male announcer ]s does your cable company keep charging you more...
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8:40 am
metamucil. ask more of your fiber. nfl and players are hitting the end of the lock out is near. word that packers have been telling players to be ready to show up for a team meeting saturday. members to have players association and reps from every
8:41 am
team expected to be here in dc tomorrow for possible decisions on re-establishing a union owners could ratify a new deal when they meet atlanta thursday. >> if you are looking for a job don't forget about our job shop always open today's is with a furniture provider looking for a delivery driver, 13 to $15 an hour commercial drivers license not required, if you would like more on this job and many others go to click on the job shop tab at the top of the home page. minnesota man has proof how durable his cell phone is this is what his iphone 4 looked like when it fell out of his pocket while he was skydiving from more than 13,000 feet using a gps tracking ap he found it on top of a building a half mile from where he landed just to be funny someone called the busted phone to his surprise the call went through. >> wow. yeah, why is it when i drop
8:42 am
mine out of my pocket it breaks. >> apple may contact him say let's do an ad look how durable this is. if you lived in the dc area for awhile chances are you have heard of chessy the manatee. >> almost 20 years after he came to the area he has been spotted once again in the chesapeake we will talk with a wildlife biologist who has been tracking his moves. >> holly is out on the farm again today hi holly >> i think have i upgraded from the field. take a look there are worse ways to start a tuesday right? i have not one but two chefs whipping up something special for me they are using all local ingredients they are kicking off a brand new event called from farm to fork what it is and more importantly how you can get a seat at the table live next fox 5 morning news stay with us  [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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8:46 am
the homeowner says it was scary but she took the picturevideo you saw to have wild animal eating from a bird feeder. it is not unusual to see black bears this time of year they usually just move on through looking for food. they suggest not to leave loose trash outside. >> someone else who wandered in a manatee spotted last week in calvert county maryland is the first one that made waves 17 years ago when he appeared in the chesapeake. chessy the travelling manatee was identified by his telltale markings, joining us on the phone, chassis are you there? >> yes, i am. good morning. >> good morning to you when you heard this were you surprised or was it expected we would see chessy back in this area? >> well, it wasn't expected but
8:47 am
we were thrilled. we have not had a sighting of chessy in almost 10 years and of course he hasn't been documented back in the chesapeake bay since he was rescued in 1994. >> so how did you find out about this? i understand it was a couple gentlemen boating how do we know for sure this is chessy. >> yeah, a couple members of the public took photos of him and he is identifiable by some scars on his back and tail. they got some good photo documentation and we were able the compare those with the photos we have in a data base of him and positively identify him. >> now here is the question some of us are wanting to know why would he return? is there something back up here i mean, steve was asking a little bit ago, does he have friends up here? other manatees? what is it about this area, well, i wish we knew that, we are learning a lot following these animals we have tagged
8:48 am
and keeping track of movements, we don't really know why they are coming to the bay we don't have any reason to think that his visit is any indication of improvements or not in water quality, a lot more would need to be researched and just investigated to better understand why chesapeake bay is an attraction. the water must be warm, there must be sea rats for him to feed on. >> norm -- sea grass for him to feed on. >> formally he is down in florida area where it is warmer but last time cooler water was a concern any idea what we are going to do now we have seen chessy if the bay? any idea to think he is in any danger to be here? was it because the water is so warm he is okay to be around. >> he know what is he is doing he has come back and forth many times after he was initially
8:49 am
rescued and returned to florida, released here, with a radio tag at that time, he moved back north, went as far as rhode island the following summer and came back to florida on his own. we know a few other animals do this, we don't get a lot of photo documentation of those animals but we don't have any reason to be concerned about chessy as long as, you know people sort of leave him alone, people watch out for him of course we would appreciate pictures always, but i think he knows what he is doing obviously. >> do we have any idea how old chessy is and how long manatees can live? >> well, there is a captive manatee just celebrated his birthday at age 62 here in florida, so they live to be quite old given the chance, in the wild we don't know of any manatees that have reached that age although we have some
8:50 am
animals in their 40s in the wild here that we documented for that long. chessy was an adult in 1994, pretty large adult, at that time, so he is getting up there. >> i was going to say he is probably getting up there in age we are glad to see he is doing well healthy enough to swim up here. cassie thanks for talking with us. >> thank you very much we appreciate the interest of everyone up there. >> sure, all right take care. >> 62 years old i did not know that. >> hopefully chessy sticks around. >> more than 20 farms wineries offering local products. >> holly morris in hillsborough virginia to learn more about the 11 day project and holly any time you can have that kind of food, and friends next to you with the chef, you are doing pretty good. >> yeah i am not doing too bad
8:51 am
this tuesday and in fact my advice to you starting on thursday that is when the event starts it goes for 11 days in that time period you need to make more than one trip to louden county and need to be hungry because how it works farmers and restaurantwineries have all come together and during that 11 day period restaurants have come up with menus 70% of which -- at least 70% are made out of local products, i have two participating chefs here i am going to start with mark, with magnolia's at the mill good morning. >> good morning. >> is it easy for you? easier to use local stuff in. >> absolutely. when you are cooking with local products you don't have to do much to them you let the products talk for themselves. >> it kind of dictates your menu. >> absolutely. yes, now we are using a lot of beats, berries, maybe down the way a little bit we will be using more tomatowhat not. >> what are you going to cook up here? >> right now salad with roasted
8:52 am
beats when we roast beats concentrates the sugars these are organic beats from stoney brook farm and fresh berries. >> can you talk about these? these are like berries on steroids. >> yes. >> i picked this up so i guess i have to eat it. >> that's all right. that will be dressed with honey poppy seed drhave the one pot meal everyone needs to know how to cook, roast chicken with the bounty of the field in the pot itself. one pot meal potatoes, carrots, sweet onions all from luke's field. >> so you just throw it all in there and do what? >> put it in the oven go out and play. >> that is it? really? pretty good. >> absolutely. >> last but not least. >> mixed berry terrain all organic bearrys from the farm all louden county, with oranges, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries. >> my goodness i touched
8:53 am
another one. that looks fabulous. >> i am assuming you thing this is a great idea? >> this is great we have been doing this since sheila johnson opened market stall la maunder we have been trying to bring the farm to the forks. >> people are asking for it. >> yes, beautiful farms like this one here are popping up all over the place, in louden county especially. >> which makes your job easier. >> we only have a minute and a half. >> real quick we are going to put together a couple tomato and mozzerella stacks very easily just some nice fresh tomatos, basil that we sliced up real quick, we are just going to slice the mozzerella. >> this is one of my favorite things in the whole world. >> one of the most important things on these is salt. don't forget your salt when you are doing your tomatos. we are just going to put these on. >> then do you drizzle the balsamic on top of that.
8:54 am
>> yeah, and this extra virgin olive oil. >> look at that. voila. absolutely beautiful. >> i want to make sure you get your other things in. >> we have a lovely flat salad here with four types of beats these beats came from porter branch farm out in love visitsville we are just going to toss this up real quick i got a plate over here. >> and this. >> this is blackberry vinaigrette four types of beets, blackberry and shaved fennel. >> that is a shower coal roasted pork loin brett's slice into that real quick. >> looks like just -- let's slice into that real quick. >> looks like just the right portion for me. kidding. we have a link to farm to fork all about food i am getting all confused this morning but none the less
8:55 am
starts thursday runs for 11 days go to our website and you will have a list of all the participating restaurants so you can come out and enjoy the local bounty to have harvest enjoy fox 5 morning news more after the break stay with us
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. good morning amy. she tells us she just got married july 1st and says the best wedding gift would be to be named fan of the day. ask and we will try to deliver for you amy. congratulations today you are our fan of the day congratulations to you and your husband if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook search for fox 5 morning news and post a comment under amy's photo. one hour to go let's turn things over to tony and sarah
8:59 am
is back over with us take us up to 10 guy. >> thank you very much stories we are following. media mogul rupert her dock expected to appear before -- murdoch expected to appear before parliament. police officers were questioned by particle 789 earlier. >> a large chunk of the country experiencing dangerously high temps, over 100 degrees expected for many today, and that extreme heat is now getting into our area. tucker in with a look at our forecast and he will explain why we are experiencing such high temps. >> recorded songs from gospel to new age funk now he has a new album dropping today and joins us next to perform a hit song. cooling things down on

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